Atlantic's Latino Mixfest Play Series Spotlights Playwrights Edwin Sanchez, Enrique Urueta, Andrea Thome and More

News   Atlantic's Latino Mixfest Play Series Spotlights Playwrights Edwin Sanchez, Enrique Urueta, Andrea Thome and More
Atlantic Theater Company's Latino Mixfest, a series of free readings of plays about the Latino experience, runs Aug. 25-29, giving voice to Enrique Urueta, Edwin Sanchez, Gustavo Arellano, Andrea Thome, Aaron Jafferis and Ian Williams.

Enrique Urueta
Enrique Urueta

The presentations, free and open to the public, are at Atlantic Stage 2, 330 W. 16th Street, in Manhattan.

The 2010 festival "helped launch Fernanda Coppel's Chimichangas and Zoloft into Atlantic's upcoming season," according to the not-for-profit Off-Broadway company. This year's festival "will continue to mix up different artists who embrace Latino stories from varying perspectives," according to ATC.

Here's the 2011 Latino Mixfest schedule:

Aug 25 at 3 PM
Danger of Bleeding Brown
By Enrique Urueta
Directed by Jackson Gay
Featuring Phillip Bowgen, Davina Cohen, Carman Lacivita, Kevin Geer, Michael Ombremski

. "Marco and Cerelia are trying to figure out their place in the world by snorting cocaine and drowning in promiscuous encounters. Peter is a brilliant young professor getting sex and life lessons when he begins dating Marco. Dulce, our audacious drag queen narrator, spins this story from the underbelly of San Francisco."

Friday Aug 26 at 2 PM
¡Ask a Mexican!
By Gustavo Arellano
Directed by Jaime Castañeda
Featuring Mando Alvarado, Emma Ramos, John Early

"Adapted from the award-winning syndicated column published in the OC Weekly and other alternative newsweeklies across the country. Readers send in questions on Mexican culture ranging from what part of 'illegal' Mexicans don't understand to why Mexicans use tortillas instead of forks. Arellano brings his satirical responses to the stage for the first time ever." Aug 26 at 3:30 PM
By Andrea Thome
Directed by Jose Zayas
Featuring Maria Helan, Tatiana Suarez-Pico, Annie Henk, Carlo Alban, Juan Villa, Alfredo Huereca

"Two young Chilean sisters living in Reagan-era Wisconsin create imaginary worlds to make sense of their family's exile. Gaby escapes to a make-believe 'closetland,' while her older sister Beny dreams of fighting fascists, just like their communist uncle Ignacio. This inventive play takes us on a journey through fantasies filled with talking polar bears, Nazis, and the joys and betrayals of revolution."

Aug 28 at 2 PM
La Bella Familia
By Edwin Sanchez
Directed by David Lee
Featuring Denny Dillon, Craig Mathers, Paula Pizzi, Robert Aronowitz, Luigi DiGangi, Samantha Shane

"Bella, a Puerto Rican hit woman and her family get mixed up with their neighbors from hell. Linda, the brutal foster mother, tries to build her version of a quiet home next door. Each family struggles to avoid loneliness in their own tangled mess. This dark and surprising play was just granted the 2011 National Latino Playwriting Award."

Aug 29 at 2 PM
By Aaron Jafferis and Ian Williams
Directed by Jaime Castañeda
Featuring Joel Perez, Cedric Leiba, Amirah Vann, Fidel Vicioso, Clifton Oliver, Wallace Smith, Jose Candelaria and Joyelle Cabato

"Andres and Juan are swept up by the Latin Kings' populist ideals and by-any-means-necessary survival tactics. This raw hip-hop/rock musical confronts the explosive and magnetic power of gang life. Jafferis and Williams have revised Kingdom since its premiere at the Old Globe."

Admission is free. Reservations are required at (646) 701-7372. For more details, visit

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