Attention Brandon Walsh!

Inside Track   Attention Brandon Walsh!
This morning I received a press release from the good folks at Roundabout announcing the exciting additions of Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Justin Kirk to the cast of Theresa Rebeck’s The Understudy.

The adult theatre-lover in me was thrilled to see the addition of these two very talented individuals joining Tony winner, Julie White in what is sure to be (like all of Rebeck’s work) a witty, honest and fascinating look at life.

But it was my inner twelve year-old that let out a little yelp and thought “like, oh my gawd!”

Like many a young lass who grew up religiously watching Zack Morris and the gang every Saturday morning on Saved By The Bell, who grew up to be the young woman who religiously (and secretly) watches reruns on TBS will tell you…there is something about Zack (or Preppie, Running Zack, “Detention” Morris…whatever name you prefer).

Perhaps it's Zack's recent “attack” on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon or the reunion with Kelly, Slater, Lisa and Jessie for last week’s People cover, that has caused my inner adolescent to rear her awkward head. She’s the girl who would love to see Jordan Catalono cast in Hamlet or Dylan McKay take on the role of Conrad Birdie. The sane adult in me pushes these horrible ideas aside…but the girl in me, dressed in Z Cavariccis, a multi-neon colored B.U.M sweatshirt and high-top Doc Martins wants to see Corey Haim give it a go.

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