Attention College-Bound Students: New on PlaybillEDU

News   Attention College-Bound Students: New on PlaybillEDU
New features give students the edge in their college search on

Since launching in summer 2013,, the best and most complete way for performing arts students of all kinds to connect with the right college, has continued to make improvements based on feedback from those students, not to mention their parents, teachers and counselors. These improvements are designed to give you the edge in the last weeks before final application deadlines at North America’s colleges and universities.

We invite you to visit today to test out these new tools. As our six-month anniversary approaches, here’s what we have added and improved:

* Guided Search: One of the most popular tools on the website is the Guided Search that helps high school and transfer students find the right college in the right location at the right price. We have upgraded the Guided Search to make it easier, and more accurate, as you search among our 2,000 theatre, music and dance programs. In particular, we have added a “Field of Study” search as described below.

* Customer Support: PlaybillEDU™ staffers are available to respond personally to your eMailed questions and requests for help within one business day.

* Fields of Study: To help you sort through the dozens of available fields of study, we’ve designated 17 top-level general fields. Once you’ve chosen one of them (examples: musical theatre, acting, vocal musical performance, performing arts education), the Guided Search tool uses that as an overall criteria to help you find your perfect school. * Optimized for Tablet: We are optimizing the PlaybillEDU experience to make sure that our Tablet users enjoy the best possible browsing.

* Linked Accounts: To help and advise student searches, parents, counselors and teachers are now permitted to link directly to a student’s account—but only if student invites them to.

* Counselors/Teachers: To that end, in addition to students and parents, counselors and teachers now can create their own PlaybillEDU accounts to search schools on their own, with their own customized toolbar to keep track of how chosen students are progressing.

Visit and start researching your future today.

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