Avenue Q "Only for Now" Lyric Contest Yields Four Possibilities

News   Avenue Q "Only for Now" Lyric Contest Yields Four Possibilities
With the imminent departure of President George W. Bush, the creators and producers of the Tony-winning musical Avenue Q launched a contest to replace a lyric in the musical's final song, "For Now," that states, "George Bush!" is only "for now."

Over 2,000 entries were received, and the judging panel — including Q creators Robert Lopez, Jeff Marx and Jeff Whitty and the show's producers — have selected four possibilities that will be tested over several performances to "gauge the response and audience reaction, and determine which lyric emerges as the most satisfying," according to a press statement.

The contest lyrics that will be tested follow:

"Prop 8"
"This show"
"Your mother-in-law"

The first of the contest lyrics — "Recession is only for now" — will be performed in the Tony-winning show Jan. 20 at 8 PM after President-elect Barack Obama is inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States. Dates for performances of the three remaining lyrics will be announced shortly.

In a statement Avenue Q producer Robyn Goodman said, "We always knew we'd get some interesting feedback when the contest started, but the number of responses is thrilling and is a pleasant reminder of how much people love the show. To read the long list of suggestions that have been submitted provides a very interesting look at what people have on their minds at this historic and complicated time. There were some thoughtful and funny entries and we'll try them out to see what works best. Maybe they all will. Perhaps nothing will ever be as delicious as the transient nature of the Bush presidency." Avenue Q continues to play the John Golden Theatre, 252 West 45th Street.

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