Avenue Q Pokes FOX in the Eye

PlayBlog   Avenue Q Pokes FOX in the Eye
[caption id="attachment_1958" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Avenue Q's Rod"]<I>Avenue Q</I>'s Rod[/caption]We wonder what Republican puppet Rod, of Avenue Q, thinks of a new lyric in the Tony Award-winning musical, which re-opened Oct. 21 in an Off-Broadway setting at New World Stages.

In the song "Only For Now," the ensemble shouts out "Sex! is only for now" and "Your hair! is only for now." On Broadway, the original lyric then continued with "George Bush! is only for now." The new addition being used Off-Broadway is "FOX News!" — a reference to the conservative-leaning media giant — being "only for now."
When the former president left the White House, there was much ado about possibly changing the lyric; a contest was even held to test new options ("Recession," "Prop 8," "Your mother-in-law" and, because the show had announced its Broadway final weeks, "This show"). It was ultimately decided to keep "George Bush" but change "is" to "was." At the final Broadway performance, the cast exclaimed "This Show!"

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