Bad Plays Festival Returns to Happily Offend Audiences Sept. 10-30

News   Bad Plays Festival Returns to Happily Offend Audiences Sept. 10-30
The theatrically irreverent will again be on display when The Bad Plays Festival returns for its second year. From Sept. 10-30, theatregoers will able to witness some of New York's most outrageous and adventurous productions.

Housed at the Players Theatre, The Bad Plays Festival will feature six themed evenings in rotation, presenting short works ranging from politically incorrect satire to over-the-top solo performances.

The festival kicks off on Sept. 10 with its Carmen Miranda opening night benefit and the first themed evening. The schedule of shows follows.

Sex, Thugs and Rock 'n Roll (Sept. 10, 20, 24)
Revenge Is Best Served Cold by Samuel Toll, God's Pants Too Huge by George Holets, Artist vs. Landlord by Doron Braunshtein a/k/a Apollo Braun, Sexual Perversity in Connecticut by Mike Folie, The Age Game by Joan Blake and Tia Maria, and Perfect Pitch by Patricia Lee Stotter.

Something to Offend Everyone (Sept. 11, 21, 25)
Hollywood Saves Africa by K. Knapp, The Mexican Cleaning Lady or How I Almost Offended the Dalai Lama by Leslie Bramm, The Hootens of Hollerville by Michael Paul Girard and The Jewish Roaches by Richard Ravits.

Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? (Sept. 12, 22, 26)
Aphrodite's Nightie by Frank O'Donnell, Berry Season by Rosemary Toohey, Down Goes Rocky by Reid MacCluggage, The Devil and His Sunglasses by Csaba Teglas and Time Went by but Slowly by J. Boyer. Little Boxes Made of Ticky-Tacky (Sept. 13, 17, 27)
Going Postal by George Holets, The Greatest in the Whole Wide World by David Kosh, A Fake Fiasco by Frederick Timm and The Canary by Don Chan Mark.

Poking at Sacred Cows (a faux classical romp) (Sept. 14, 18, 28)
The Moor's Pastiche by Jean Hart, Come Again? by Richard J. Budin and The Queen's Privy by Michael Paul Girard.

Swingtime for Hitler (& Friends) (Sept. 15, 19, 29)
Goebbels! One Night Only! Live From Hell! by Scott Munson, Better Than Hitler by Jon Brooks and God Bless America by William Morton.

In addition to the short plays shown in rep throughout the festival, original musicals will be presented, including Ebony Black, "a multicultural take on Snow White," performing Saturdays at 3 PM; and Best Little Crackhouse in Philly (or Crackwhore… the Musical), which returns Sundays at 8 PM. The Brown Bag Lunch Series, featuring staged readings of new plays, will be presented each Wednesday from 12-2 PM.

On the festival's closing night, Sept. 30, the Fruit Cup Awards, including the Golden Pineapple, Silver Tomato, and Bronze Banana, will be presented to those works deemed worthy of the Bad Play Festival's recognition.

The New York Times also reports that Hair director Tom O'Horgan will be honored at the Festival's opening night.

For further information call (212) 242-6036 or visit Tickets are available by visiting The Players Theatre is located at 115 MacDougal Street in Manhattan.

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