Ballet Internationale Is Not Plotting Move to Los Angeles

Classic Arts News   Ballet Internationale Is Not Plotting Move to Los Angeles
Officials from Indianapolis's Ballet Internationale deny that there are plans to move the company to Los Angeles, the Indianapolis Star reports.

A Los Angeles Times article that appeared in mid-May reported that artistic director Eldar Aliev had made a proposal to the Los Angeles Music Center that would have turned Ballet Internationale into the center's resident dance company.

Aliev denies that he made such a proposal, to the Music Center or anyone else in Los Angeles. "I have no intention to steal this company from the community, and I never had," he said.

According to David E. Wright, the company's past president, the board had approved neither a move to Los Angeles, nor a proposal for a move.

There is the possibility, however, that Aliev is looking for a second-city opportunity for the company. He has mentioned this desire to reporters, and has reportedly been looking for a partnership opportunity with another company.

One source says that Aliev made a proposal to The Cultural + Planning Group, a consulting firm that was preparing a report on possible resident dance companies for the Music Center. Aliev says that the group must have contacted other ballet companies, but not his.

Renae Williams, manager of dance presentations at the Music Center, said that the center is not looking for a resident company at the moment, and if it were Ballet Internationale would have a challenge ahead of it. "There's a lot more audience-building I would have to do for a company that doesn't already come with huge name recognition," she said.

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