Bard's Bars! Cast of Drunk Shakespeare Sets Shakespeare's Classics in NYC Bars

Special Features   Bard's Bars! Cast of Drunk Shakespeare Sets Shakespeare's Classics in NYC Bars
In the world-premiere production of Drunk Shakespeare, cast members perform a William Shakespeare story in 60 minutes — while drinking at a bar. asked its cast to set their favorite Shakespeare tales in the perfect New York City bar setting.

Louis Sallan
Louis Sallan

Conceived by Scott Griffin and Three Day Hangover (David Hudson, Lori Wolter Hudson and Beth Gardiner) and produced by Griffin, Drunk Shakespeare is directed by David Hudson.

Performances continue in an extended engagement through Aug. 9 at Quinn's Bar in NYC.

Drunk Shakespeare is performed nightly by a rotating company of actors, which includes Lucas Calhoun, Kristin Friedlander, Phil Gillen, Kate Gunther, Josh Hyman, Whit Leyenberger, Christina Liu, Lindsey Hope Pearlman, Louis Sallan and Damiyr Shuford.


Louis Sallan

The Cubby Hole (a popular 'girl bar') would be a perfect bar to set Twelfth Night. There are lots of girls who dress like boys there, and any time a biological man enters he gets confused and falls in love with a girl who, sexually, can not oblige.

Visit The Cubby Hole.

Providence would be a great place to set Richard III. High cathedral ceilings and many secret rooms provide our hunchback, leading antagonist with lots of creepy entrances and exits. Not to mention, with the amount of dark corners, it would be easy to get away with literal murder. Seriously. Murder.

Visit Providence.

Kate Gunther

Kate Gunther One of my all-time favorite NYC haunts is Dutch Kills in LIC. Unbecoming exterior, delicious woodwork interior, hand-cut ice, and mixology clever enough to excuse any drinking snobbery… What's not to like? A perfect venue for a production of Hamlet. By the end of most nights everyone has died and our uncles have married our mothers… Wait, what? No that never happens, but it is a damn fine bar.

Visit Dutch Kills.

Kristen Friedlander

Kristen Friedlander I'd bring Macbeth to Mayahuel, a great spot for tequila in the East Village. The atmosphere is dark and sexy — I can see Macbeth and Lady M getting all hot and bothered over murder and mezcal in one of the booths.

Visit Mayahuel.

I'd also love to see Beatrice and Benedick [from Much Ado About Nothing] duke it out at trivia night at Common Ground. The place is normally filled with smarty-pants, and it'd be great to watch the sparks fly over beers and a battle of the wits.

Visit Common Ground.

Lindsey Hope Pearlman

Lindsey Hope Pearlman Fish Bar (E. 5th Street, between 2nd and Bowery) is my favorite dive-bar hangout and would be the perfect spot for The Tempest. It's a hidden oasis of cheap booze in the East Village, complete with underwater-themed murals and mysterious characters spinning tales of maritime (or urban) adventures. I'm pretty sure Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban are there right now, getting properly wasted — those howling, drunk monsters.

Visit Fish Bar

Josh Hyman

Josh Hyman A Midsummer Night's Dream is going to any Brother Jimmy's, ordering classic southern BBQ As You Like It, with a side of Mac & Cheese (or -beth or -duff); or perhaps deliciously slow-roasted col-Lear-d greens, a Julius Caesar salad or even a Hamlet-tuce and tomato sandwich. And while pounding PBRs, spending Timon of Athens with old friends the likes of Cymbeline, Antony & Cleopatra, you can go Measure for Measure as you toast your Love's Labour's Lost, rousing Much Ado About Nothing. You see, All's Well That Ends Well at a Brother Jimmy's, where a loud "Othello!" welcomes you to the mirth & merriment, and a good ole laugh o'er a Comedy of Errors reminds you that your Twelfth Night is always just like your first – where nobody is ever wound too Titus Andronicus.

Visit Brother Jimmy's BBQ.

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