Beautiful Autistic and More Set for Chicago Dramatists 2015-16 Season

News   Beautiful Autistic and More Set for Chicago Dramatists 2015-16 Season
Chicago Dramatists announced its 2015-16 season Sept. 21. The season will include Beautiful Autistic and American Beauty Shop.

Scott Woldman's Beautiful Autistic will kick off the season Feb. 4-March 14, 2016. The show is billed as such: "It’s the early 90s in Chicago, and 24-year-old Jimmy has a terrible time making friends. Despite his uncommonly good looks, casual banter in bars comes screeching to a halt when he begins to rattle off facts about nanotechnology or dark matter, topics about which he is deeply obsessed…due to his autism. Comedy ensues when Eric – a young man whose social graces are just as awkward – takes Jimmy on as his wingman and attempts to tutor him in the art of the pick-up. As each attempt to meet women goes more drastically awry, Eric’s frustration mounts and Jimmy grows increasingly desperate to please him. The humor in the play takes a dark turn when Eric pushes Jimmy too far and Jimmy pushes back." Beautiful Autistic will be directed by Rachel Edwards Harvith. Next in the season will be Dana Lynn Formby's American Beauty Shop April 28-June 5, 2016. "It’s hard to pull yourself up by your bootstraps in this economy—Sue should know," according to press notes. "It’s harder when you’ve got kids, even whip-smart, talented ones like Judy. Sue has big dreams for both her basement beauty shop and her daughter, who’s anxiously waiting for a letter from Berkeley that could change her life. Armed with tough love, combative humor and an uncompromising work ethic, Sue is struggling to balance her own livelihood and Judy’s future. A heartfelt play about the true cost of dreams." American Beauty Shop is directed by Megan Shuchman.

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