Behind the Making of the New Dance Movie Highstrung Free Dance

Video   Behind the Making of the New Dance Movie Highstrung Free Dance
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High Strung Free Dance, the latest movie inside the lives of dancers, hit cinemas October 11.

Starring Thomas Doherty (Disney’s Descendants series) as choreographer-on-the-rise Zander Raines and Juliet Doherty (no relation) as young starlet Barlow, High Strung Free Dance explores a steamy love triangle wrapped in the world of Broadway dance. When Zander hires Barlow and prodigal pianist Charlie (played by Harry Jarvis) in his highly-anticipated new Broadway show Free Dance, tensions run hot when Charlie falls for Barlow while Zander nurtures her as his muse.

The film features a fully original score by Nathan Lanier, who takes us behind the music in the video above. "Our lead character plays piano. A grand piano is a little hard to carry around NYC. Instead, we had to be creative and try to figure out: How do we make this interesting?" he explains. "We decided to take our lead character and have him play beyond the keys ... he’s scraping strings, he’s attaching gadgets, he’s banging on the piano creating really interesting sounds.”

Lanier also wrote an electro-swing number, a Latin number, a Bollywood number, and more for the variety of routines in the new dance flick.

Watch a scene from the movie below.

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