Betty Shamieh Part of New Georges Manfest, Sept. 12-25

News   Betty Shamieh Part of New Georges Manfest, Sept. 12-25
New Georges, the Off-Broadway troupe, is known for employing female directors and (largely) distaff actors to enact the plays of women playwrights.

The upcoming New Georges' Manfest, Sept. 12-25 at the HERE arts center, will follow that mission, but with a twist. For the fest, the company commissioned six women dramatists to compose a one-act play from the perspective of a man or men.

The result is two rotating evenings of three plays each. The titles include Again and Against by Betty Shamieh, whose Roar received an Off-Broadway production last spring by The New Group. The other plays include Stu and Ray by Trista Baldwin, Devil Must Be Deep by Kirsten Greenidge, Still Waters by Sonya Sobieski, Manilova by Alice Tuan and Hell and Back by Sheri Wilner.

Among the male characters created: a homeless man; three generations of war veterans; two drinking buddies in the suburbs; an Arab-American FBI agent; some American tourists in Manila; and a guy who never talks to women, to his endless romantic advantage.

The cast includes Gabriel Fazio, John Ficarra, Samuel R. Gates, Benton Greene, Nina Hellman, J. Elaine Marcos, April Matthis, Hana Moon, Matthew Neely, Orlando Pabotoy and Abby Royle.

For more information, call (212) 362-3346.

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