Bill Maher's Tony-Nommed Victory Begins at Home Returns to NYC July 17-19; HBO Will Film

News   Bill Maher's Tony-Nommed Victory Begins at Home Returns to NYC July 17-19; HBO Will Film
Comedian Bill Maher's Tony Award-nominated Broadway standup show, Bill Maher: Victory Begins at Home, will return to New York, July 17-19.

The final performance at the Hudson Theatre, which is not technically a Broadway house though it's in the midtown theatre district, will be filmed live for HBO. The solo show by former host of TV's politics-and-entertainment talk show, "Politically Incorrect," played at the Virginia Theatre April 29-May 18, opening May 5.

In the show, Maher addresses contemporary political, social and cultural topics — Iraq, President Bush and the so called Axis of Evil. The opinionated Maher said about Victory Begins at Home: "We've heard everything about the War on Terrorism except what we can actually do to help win it. The government used to do that for us through propaganda (the positive kind) posters, so taking my cue from the great old posters of World War I and World War II ('Loose Lips Sink Ships,' 'Buy War Bonds,' 'Plant a Victory Garden,' etc.) I commissioned artists to paint the posters our government today should be putting out to help us win this war."

Maher was let go from his hosting duties at ABC's "Politically Incorrect" — which mixed comedy and content in a roundtable format — because of comments which appeared to indicate that the World Trade Center terrorists had displayed more bravery than U.S. soldiers. Maher's point was that anyone willing to commit suicide for a cause would be considered brave by some.

The host now heads up a similar show on HBO, "Real Time with Bill Maher," which offers a panel chat as well as other topical comedy segments.

The return performance of Victory Begins at Home will play at the Hudson, 145 West 44 St. July 17-19 at 9:30. (Doors will close promptly at that time.) The live show is scheduled to air on HBO July 19 at 10 PM. For tickets, call (212) 239-6200.

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