Boston Conservatory Goes to Heaven & Hell

News   Boston Conservatory Goes to Heaven & Hell
The Boston Conservatory Theater Ensemble will present the world premiere of Heaven & Hell: The Fantastical Temptation of The 7 Deadly Sins, a musical based on Joe Jackson's concept album "Heaven & Hell," March 7-11.

Jason Slavick conceived the work for the stage, and will direct.

According to press notes, the work "uses the classical concept of the Seven Deadly Sins to explore the human condition, highlighting paradoxes and humor. In this stage version, Jackson's musical images are brought to life with grotesque costumes, vivid imagery and evocative dance."

In a release, Slavick says, "It tears open the skin of contemporary society, exposing the seething entrails of our own vices."

While "Heaven & Hell" is a classical album, Jackson is known for his pop songs such as "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"

Peter Mansfield is the musical director and Michelle Chassé is the choreographer. Costumes are by Arthur Oliver, lighting is by John Malinowski and sets are by Zeynep Bakkal. The work is being presented with permission of Sony Classical.

The Boston Conservatory is an undergraduate and graduate performing arts school.

The Boston Convervatory Theater is at 8 The Fenway in Boston. For tickets call (617) 912-9222. For more information visit

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