Boy George's Taboo to Return to London for Site-Specific Production; Christopher Renshaw Again Directs

News   Boy George's Taboo to Return to London for Site-Specific Production; Christopher Renshaw Again Directs
Boy George's Taboo will return to London, where it will begin performances Sept. 7 for a run that is booking through Dec. 23, at a new multi-purpose indoor and outdoor clubbing venue the Brixton Club House.

It will be directed by its original co-creator and director Christopher Renshaw, who staged the show's first production in in the converted basement of a church off Leicester Square in 2002 (that has since become the Leicester Square Theatre).

Taboo was subsequently briefly brought to Broadway's Plymouth Theatre under the auspices of Rosie O'Donnell and Adam Kenwright as lead producers in 2003, which Renshaw again directed, but Mark Davies Markham's original book was re-written by Charles Busch.

According to press materials, the new production is actively supported by the talents of many of the original creative team, including writer  Markham and composer/lyricist and star of the original run, Boy George. Music and orchestrations are by Boy George and Kevan Frost, and Mike Dixon is the production musical consultant. It is being cast by Anne Vosser, who was the show's original casting director as well. The new production is produced by Danielle Tarento and Bronia Buchanan.

Taboo is described as a "musical portrait of a brief but remarkable era of 1980s London, in which a rebellion among young people, in the midst of mass unemployment and social upheaval, ultimately found its expression in outrageous fashions and a decadent nightlife. These were the 'New Romantics' – leaders of a phenomenon which left a lasting influence on both the face and fate of pop, fashion and social culture. Taboo tells a story between a young girl and boy swept up in this artistic climate and also focuses on two other young real-life characters – Leigh Bowery, a brilliant, anarchic performance artist and designer, and George O’Dowd, a young, rough-edged boy who arrives in London and, once part of the Eighties club world, becomes the surprising crossover star of the scene, Boy George.  From squat to superstardom, from rock to rock bottom, both mens' stories are played out against the background of Taboo, the nightclub that came to symbolise the excess and decadence of 1980s London and subsequently defined a generation."

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