"Brand Upon the Brain!" Begins Village Run May 9; Jackson, Wallach and Hibbert Among Hosts

News   "Brand Upon the Brain!" Begins Village Run May 9; Jackson, Wallach and Hibbert Among Hosts
"Brand Upon the Brain!," director Guy Maddin's new silent film, will be presented as a live event at Village East Cinema beginning May 9.

Each performance (through May 15) features an 11-piece live orchestra, a five-person live Foley team (who perform sound effects) and a celebrity narrator. Narrators include a mix of actors, poets, visual artists, directors and musicians.

The schedule of narrators follows:

May 9 at 7 and 9:30 PM: actor/director Crispin Glover

May 10 at 7 PM: actress Anne Jackson; at 9:30 PM: actor Eli Wallach

May 11 at 7 PM: actress/writer Joie Lee; at 9:30 PM: actor Crispin Glover May 12 at 7 PM: performance/visual artist Laurie Anderson; at 9:30 PM: Lou Reed

May 13 at 3 PM: Kiki and Herb's Justin Bond; at 7 PM: Poet Laureate John Ashbery; at 9:30 PM: musician Tunde Adebimpe

May 14 at 7 PM: Tribeca Film Festival executive director Peter Scarlet; at 9:30 PM: Curtains star Edward Hibbert

May 15 at 7 and 9:30 PM: Actress Isabella Rossellini

Guy Maddin and George Toles penned the script for "Brand Upon the Brain!" The cast features Gretchen Krich, Sullivan Brown, Maya Lawson, Katherine E. Scharhon, Todd Moore, Andy Loviska, Kellan Larson and Erik Steffen Maahs.

The film synopsis follows: "Whatever are young 'Guy Maddin's' parents really up to in their lighthouse home/orphanage on a chilly remote island? Overbearing Mother (Gretchen Krich) tracks her son's (Sullivan Brown) every move, bellowing for him to come home over the 'Aerophone' just as something interesting is about to happen! And poor Sis (Maya Lawson), his older sister (who is rapidly blossoming into a young woman) — Mother will never let her have any fun! The intrigue continues as deranged Mother, hellbent on restoring her youth and sinister Scientist-Father (Todd Jefferson Moore) who is sequestered night and day in his basement laboratory, engage in diabolical, secret experimentation. When new parents of recently adopted children from the orphanage notice strange wounds on the youngsters' necks, a pair of teen sleuths, Wendy (Katherine E. Scharhon) and her brother Chance, known as 'The Lightbulb Kids,' appear on the island to investigate — and in the process, inspire Guy's first crush and Sis' first love affair."

Village East Cinema is located in Manhattan at 181 2nd Avenue at 12th Street. Tickets, priced $30 (in advance) and $40 (at the door), are available by calling (212) 529-6998 or by visiting www.moviefone.com or www.movietickets.com. For more information go to www.city-cinemas.com.

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