Bridewell’s Trans-Atlantic Showcase Features New Musicals

News   Bridewell’s Trans-Atlantic Showcase Features New Musicals
Notwithstanding movements gathering momentum in Holland and elsewhere, the flux between Britain and America is the lifeblood of musical theatre The Bridewell is one of the few London fringe venues with a serious policy of discovering new musicals, and from Oct. 31 audiences can see three one-acters from both sides of the Atlantic.

  Appropriately called Notes Across a Small Pond, the showcase features: • Blood Drive: Music by Joel Derfner, lyrics by Rachel Sheinkin. A man is inspired to become a blood donor by the poster of an attractive nurse. When he goes for his appointment, however, the nurse is neither pretty nor very pleasant. She brandishes a huge needle and the man must face his worst fears.
The Happiness Of Fish: Music by Mary Lloyd-Butler, book and lyrics by Mindi Dickstein. Flora Flower is becoming an insomniac, her nights plagued by a hugely irritating vaudeville act called Flip and Flap. When she does manage to sleep she always dreams of fish. A surreal investigation into people who can’t sleep.
RE: Love: Music and lyrics by Osnat Schmool. An accapella musical which combines blues, jazz and Brazilian music. Four couples remember their first experiences of love, and the ways their relationships have changed.

Derfner, Sheinkin, Lloyd-Butler and Dickstien comprise the American contingent, with Schmool representing England.

For ticket information cal (0)207 936 3456, or visite

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