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A Gallery of Broadway Phantoms: Clockwise from upper left: Chris Gronendaal, Michael Crawford, Davis Gaines, Mark Jacoby, Thomas James O'Leary, Marcus Lovett.

A Gallery of Broadway Phantoms: Clockwise from upper left: Chris Gronendaal, Michael Crawford, Davis Gaines, Mark Jacoby, Thomas James O'Leary, Marcus Lovett.
Here are some facts that every Phantom fan will want to know. All info was supplied by the production:

On January 26, 1998, The Phantom of the Opera will play performance #4,175 and celebrate its tenth anniversary on Broadway. It is the fifth longest-running show in Broadway history.

The Phantom of the Opera has been seen in New York by more than 6,860,000 people.

The Broadway production has grossed more than $357 million. Winner of seven 1988 Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

The New York production cost $8 million in 1988. The same production would cost $ll million in today's dollars.

The chandelier has travelled 1,600,888 feet (350 miles). It weigh 900 lbs

138 actors have appeared in the New York production.

Nine actors have been cast as the Phantom; Michael Crawford, Timothy Nolen. Chris Groenendaal, Steve Barton, Kevin Gray, Mark Jacoby, Marcus Lovett, Davis Gaines and Thomas James O'Leary.

Seven actors from the original Broadway cast are still with the show. Leila Martin, who plays the role of Madame Giry, the ballet mistress, is the only principal cast member still in her original role.

A highlights CD of the original cast recording of The Phantom of the Opera has spent the fourth-longest amount of time on Billboard Magazine's Pop Album Chart, where it spent a total of 331 weeks (over six years) The complete original cast recording (a two-CD set) is 16th of all time, having spent 255 weeks (5 years) on the chart.

The Phantom of the Opera company has raised more than $ l million for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

791,25O gallons of shot powder (used in flash pots)
10,550 sheets of flash paper electric matches (to ignite skull staff)
37,980 lbs of dry ice (1,140 tons)
1,688,000 flash bulbs used in chandelier
3,840 ounces of liquid fog
85S,675 light cues have been called

8, 350 journeys have been made by The Phantom's Boat to The Lair
510, 620 automation cues executed
900 lbs. -- weight of the 7,700 yards of fabric in the moving drapes 281 candles in the show
150 trap doors
15 life-size mannequins in the show
10 candelabra
1 elephant

253,200 AAA batteries used
24 surround speakers in the house

45 Human wigs
55 Synthetic wigs
11 Yak wigs
111 Total wigs used in show

240 gallons of deck paint
8,400 gun shots fired at 'The Phantom'
2 tons apples used in the "Don Juan" scene

There have been two custom-made monkey music boxes. Made of Fiberglas and fur, the music box runs on a remote-controlled motor.

40,113,400 conductor baton beats (9,608 baton beats per show)
718 Ibs. body fat burned by the conductor

35 masks are used in the Act Two "Masquerade" scenes.
There are 167 costumes in the show (230 with understudies).
4,950 toe shoes
3,840 men's formal shirts
1,800 men's formal ties
1,440 pairs of gloves
240 steamers
708,720 fl. oz. liquid Tide used
411,840 oz. spray starch
4,320 laundry baskets
33,280 shoe repairs
26,000 yards of elastic
11,520 t-shirts
17,280 pairs of socks
14,640 pairs of tights
57,600 Bounce dryer sheets
187,200 liquid fabric softener
599,040 fl. oz. cleaning fluid

45,760 makeup wedges
1,020 panstick makeup sticks
1,020 lbs of hydra oil (makeup remover)
90 minutes preparation time for each performance
3,923 sets of foam latex for The Phantom's deformed face.
Each actor playing The Phantom has a mask custom-made from a mold of his face.
The Phantoms have drunk more than 3,120 gallons of fluids during performances.

2,280 containers of Wet Ones (to remove makeup) 23,986 miles of Playbill pages (would go all the way around the world)
40 number of websites dedicated to The Phantom of the Opera
The Ballet Girls have traveled up and down 570 miles of stairs (6 girls / 2 round trips per performance)

The Phantom of the Opera had its world premiere at London's Her Majesty's Theatre on October 9,1986.
Worldwide box office gross in excess of $2.6 billion
Over 108 million people have seen The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera has been performed in 85 cities in the following 12 countries; The United Kingdom, The United States, Japan, Austria, Canada, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, Holland and Switzerland.
There are currently 9 companies around the world: London, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Melbourne, Hamburg and Nagoya, Japan, as well as two U.S national tours

More than 17 million people have attended the three U. S. touring productions.
Box of office gross for the three companies is in excess of $902 million.
48 cities have hosted 72 engagements of The Phantom of the Opera.

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