Broadway to Dim Its Lights Dec. 23 in Honor of Late Irving Cheskin

News   Broadway to Dim Its Lights Dec. 23 in Honor of Late Irving Cheskin
The marquees of the Broadway theatres will be dimmed Dec. 23 at 7 PM for one minute to pay tribute to the late Irving Cheskin, who for five decades worked tirelessly on behalf of the Broadway industry's retirement and health benefits funds.

In a statement Charlotte St. Martin, executive director of The Broadway League, said, "Irving Cheskin, our 'Chief,' has been a fixture in this League and our community for as long as most can remember. The vital changes he implemented for our industry will be remembered as we continue to grow and evolve." Rory Judd Albert, a senior partner in the international law firm of Proskauer Rose added, "As we all know, during the half-century that he served The Broadway League, both as Executive Director and later as the Pension and Welfare Director, Irv was considered the virtual 'father' of every Pension, Health, 401k, and other employee benefit plan in the theatrical and music industry — spanning from the East to West coasts, and various places in between — without whom none of the more than 100,000 individuals working on Broadway (and other venues) today would be enjoying the full gamut of retirement and health benefits that they now benefit from. Not only did Irv share an incredibly special bond with the many employers and unions with whom he worked on a daily basis; but he was loved and respected immensely by all on both sides of the Board of Trustees and collective bargaining tables, as well as by the many generations of Proskauer lawyers who were privileged to stand by his side throughout his professional, and personal, life."

Chris Brockmeyer, director of Employee Benefit Funds, also said, "Irving left behind a legacy of Pension and Health Funds strong enough to weather our current financial storms. It was a pleasure working with him for the past seven years, and it's a great honor for me to carry forward his work."

Mr. Cheskin was executive director of The Broadway League (then known as The League of New York Theatres) from 1961-1982. In 1982 he became the League's director of pension and welfare. He most recently stepped down as co-director at age 94 but continued to work for the League as a consultant until his death. Mr. Cheskin is survived by his wife of 67 years, Mildred.  

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