Broadway Tweets Responses to Obama's Marriage Equality Announcement

News   Broadway Tweets Responses to Obama's Marriage Equality Announcement
On May 9, President Barack Obama became the first sitting U.S. President to support marriage equality. The announcement drew praise from members of the Broadway and entertainment community, many who have been vocal in their own efforts to achieve equal rights for LGBT Americans.

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama has gathered a handful of Twitter responses from industry members, who expressed joy, gratitude and hope following the landmark announcement.

Audra McDonald@AudraEqualityMc
YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Thank you Mr President.
Audra McDonald@AudraEqualityMc
How many young lives did the President just save by saying that he supports them today? #Equality

Will Swenson@thewillswenson
So proud of @BarackObama today. Hoping today's announcement doesn't destroy my "traditional" marriage coming up. (he said sarcastically)

Idina Menzel@idinamenzel
can't sleep. feeling so good about our president. historic day.

Betty Buckley@BettyBuckley
Especially proud of President Obama & the honesty he shared about how he came to see the light re. G&L marriage #equality It's a good day! Robert Lopez@lopezbobby
So now he's a gay muslim socialist? #waytogoObama

Harvey Fierstein@HarveyFierstein
Obama has evolved. Now how do we get North Carolina to step out of the stone age?

Obama gets it right on gay marriage. Bravo.

Jordan Roth@Jordan_Roth
To evolve is human. To arrive, divine. #MarriageEquality

Richie Jackson@Richie_Jackson
Can't wait to show our 11 year old son what @BarackObama said about our family today. #marriageeqaulity

Ricky Martin@ricky_martin
I applaud President @barackobama for affirming that ALL Americans should enjoy equal rights. Historic! I will be a very proud host on Monday

Sean Hayes@theseanhayes
Thank you to @BarackObama for taking a forward-thinking stance on equality for all gay Americans and for supporting gay marriage.

Bette Midler@BetteMidler
Mr. Obama steps up to the plate and hits a home run! A historic day for gay Americans.....

Gavin Creel@gavincreel
Gavin Creel@gavincreel
Obama put his money where his mouth is. so now please join me and donate toward his campaign. this is an historic day

Michael Urie@michaelurie
Well done, Mr. President. Well done indeed! #MarriageEquality #obamaftw

Jesse Tyler Ferguson@jessetyler
With @MichelleObama & @JustinMikita permission I would like to marry @BarackObama right now!

Michael Cerveris@cerveris
I couldn't agree more! “@ricky_martin: I applaud @barackobama for affirming that ALL Americans should enjoy equal rights. Historic!”

Neil Patrick Harris@ActuallyNPH
“@BarackObama: President Obama announces his support for same-sex marriage: http://OFA.BO/CLBAi9” Bravo, Mr. President, and thank you.

Lin-Manuel Miranda@Lin_Manuel
Good afternoon, future New Yorkers of North Carolina! The Prez is over here, Biden's high-fiving everyone. Love awaits you!

Telly Leung@tellyleung
Thank you, @BarackObama!
Telly Leung@tellyleung
@BarackObama didn't support Marriage Equality for political reason. It's the opposite. He defied politics and went with his gut. Bravo!

I applaud President @barackobama. #Bravo

Russell Simmons@UncleRUSH
thank you Mr. President for your support of gay marriage...
Russell Simmon@UncleRUSH
Anyone whose mission is keeping people apart is swimming against a very strong tide.

Richard Fleeshman@RFleeshman
Well said, Mr Obama..

Max von Essen@MaxizPad

Disney's NEWSIES@Newsies
"There's change coming, once and for all." - Jack Kelly

Steve Kazee@SteveKazee
Proud of my President @BarackObama today!! It takes courage and bravery to stand for what you are today. Thank you!! #str8againstH8

Eden Espinosa@EdenEspinosa
@BarackObama thank you Mr. President for your courage and strength. We are proud of you and 100% behind you. #NoH8

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