Broadway's Araca Group to Offer Free Play Readings by Anna Ziegler and Lucy Kirkwood

News   Broadway's Araca Group to Offer Free Play Readings by Anna Ziegler and Lucy Kirkwood
The Araca Group, which has produced such new Broadway works as The Good Body, Enron and Urinetown, will offer a week-long play reading series beginning May 10.

The "AracaWorks" series will include free readings of plays by emerging playwrights David Brian Colbert, Lucy Kirkwood, Emily Chadick Weiss and Anna Ziegler. The readings will be offered at 7:30 PM through May 13 at Ars Nova.

The aim of the project, which first began in December, is to showcase works by established and emerging playwrights, which have yet to receive a full production in New York City.

Here's a look at the plays:

C.O.A.L. (Confessions of a Liar)
By David Brian Colbert
Directed by Jeremy Dobrish
May 10
"Coal, a self-confessed sociopath, comes to terms with the effects of his lies on a small Southern town. Fractured into four personalities, Coal is at once a charming Southern gentleman, an aging debutante, a rebellious teenage girl and a wounded little boy. Through these perspectives, Coal is confronted with the question, is there any reason to stop lying when lying becomes your truth?"

The Spectacular Spinsters of Shoreditch
By Lucy Kirkwood
Directed by Evan Cabnet
May 11
"Have you met the Spinsters? A funny, provocative look at two unconventional older women living on their own terms in suburban London. Trouble brews when their relationship with their neighbors deepens." The Extraordinary New Bible
By Emily Chadick Weiss
Directed by Dylan McCullough
May 12
"In present day Arizona, Father is turning sixty and demands extraordinary gifts from his grown daughters. Since he raised them on the dramatic stories, not the Jewish traditions of The Old Testament, Alison and Marissa both decide to write the best new bible for their father – one that is about the epic tale of their family. But when they learn they are competing for not only their father’s love, but the love of the rabbinic student Father found wandering in the desert, Alison and Marissa must decide if they will remain within the confines of their primitive upbringing, or venture out into secular America."

The Minotaur
By Anna Ziegler
Directed by Sarna Lapine
May 13
"A present-day version of a classic Greek myth, Anna Ziegler’s The Minotaur is a contemporary take on love, honor, and human connection. With refreshing originality and wit, The Minotaur explores how we break out of history in order to shape new stories for ourselves."

For reservations visit AracaWorks. Ars Nova is located at 511 West 54th Street.

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