Brooklyn’s Billie Holiday Theatre to Stage World Premiere of A Walk Into Slavery

Off-Broadway News   Brooklyn’s Billie Holiday Theatre to Stage World Premiere of A Walk Into Slavery
The multi-media show commemorates 400 years since the first group of enslaved Africans was brought to America.
Carl Hancock Rux
Carl Hancock Rux Scott Groller

The Billie Holiday Theatre will continue its spring programming with the upcoming world premiere of A Walk Into Slavery. In recognition of 2019 as the 400th year since the first enslaved Africans were brought to the Jamestown settlement in America—and in observance of the lasting impact of slavery—the multi-media meditation experience will take audiences on an evocative historical expedition to the genesis of the Transatlantic slave trade.

A Walk Into Slavery will begin April 30 and continue through May 4.

Conceived and directed by Dr. Indira Etwaroo (executive director of The Billie), A Walk Into Slavery follows international designer and photographer Hollis King from his native home of Trinidad to Brooklyn, tracing his steps to West Ghana's slave castles—what were for many the final stop before leaving Africa. The story is told using historic photographs dating back to the 1800s, pencil sketches, journal entries, and original photographs by King.

A Walk Into Slavery features poetry created and performed by Carl Hancock Rux and will also include vocals by Marcelle Davies-Lashley and lighting by Devin Cameron.

“This was a journey I avoided for many years. Once I made the decision to move forward, I first asked myself, ‘How did I get here?’ and then ‘how did we get here?’” says King. “From there I began tracing my steps back, leading me to a spiritual reawakening in Ghana at the slave castles. It was a completely transcendent experience and, now, to have The Billie create such an incredible work from my journey and to be able to share it with others is an amazing feeling because although A Walk Into Slavery is based on my personal experience, it is really OUR journey as a people.”

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