Casting Complete for Guthrie God of Carnage

News   Casting Complete for Guthrie God of Carnage
Jennifer Blagen, Chris Carlson, Tracey Maloney and Bill McCallum will duke it out this summer in The Guthrie Theater production of the Tony-winning God of Carnage.

Directed by John Miller-Stephany, Yasmina Reza's acclaimed comedy-drama will run May 28-Aug. 7 on the McGuire Proscenium Stage.

"Alan Raleigh (McCallum) and his wife Annette (Maloney) visit the apartment of Michael and Veronica Novak (Carlson and Blagen, respectively) for what all believe will be a civil discussion about how best to deal with a playground fight between their two sons," according to the Guthrie. "With fissures in the friendliness evident from the start, the meeting quickly degenerates as the four spiral into irrational arguments and the loaded topics of misogyny, racial prejudice and homophobia. Insults fly and the fault lines split open altogether, allowing free rein to 'the god of carnage,' in whom Alan admits proudly to believe. Loyalty to one's spouse becomes a disposable commodity. Spouses turn on spouses and new alliances are formed and dissolved in an event The New Yorker called 'ninety minutes of sustained mayhem.'"

"The idea behind the play is that civilization may only be a veneer and what lies right beneath the surface is the savage man," said director Miller-Stephany in a statement. "With that said, God of Carnage may have been written by a French woman, translated by an Englishman and set in Brooklyn, New York, but Minnesotans are going to take this play to heart, because nobody understands passive/aggressive behavior better than we do."

The artistic team also includes Todd Rosenthal (set designer), Mathew J. LeFebvre (costume designer), Marcus Dilliard (lighting designer), Scott W. Edwards (sound designer), Jo Holcomb (dramaturgy), Lucinda Holshue (voice and dialect coach), Marcela Lorca (movement), Michele Harms (stage manager), Justin Hossle (assistant stage manager) and Jon Ferguson (assistant director).

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Tracey Maloney, Bill McCallum, Jennifer Blagen and Chris Carlson
Tracey Maloney, Bill McCallum, Jennifer Blagen and Chris Carlson Photo by Brigitte Norby
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