CBS to Broadcast Three-Hour Tony Award Ceremony

Tony Awards   CBS to Broadcast Three-Hour Tony Award Ceremony
CBS will broadcast a three-hour Tony Award ceremony in Jun 2003, the network officially announced.

The expanded program eliminates PBS' involvement in the Tonys. For the past several years, public television has aired the first hour of the Tonys, while CBS took over for the remaining two hours. Playbill On-Line first broke the story of CBS' intention to host a three-hour affair on Feb. 27. The news was subsequently reported by the New York Times, Variety and other publications.

"We were told we were not doing it," PBS' Thirteen/WNET president Dr. [William] Baker told Playbill On-Line Feb. 27. "We were told that wasn't going to be an option."

PBS first produced its "Launching the Tonys" program, which led up to the two-hour CBS ceremony, in 1997, and has done so ever since. (Many PBS affiliates around the country aired the PBS hour, though some did not.) The hour featured the presentation of 10 awards in fields from design to direction as well as short documentaries on the nominees, their crafts and the Broadway season in general. The arrangement was regarded as a solution to a cramped CBS event, where it had long proved difficult to fit in all the awards and musical numbers while keeping the show under the two-hour time limit.

"I know it was greatly loved by the theatre community," said Baker of the PBS program. "Channel 13 lost a great deal of money doing it. But this year CBS came around and said they wanted it all and didn't want to share it with anybody."

That CBS would want to broadcast a three-hour Tony ceremony is an about face for the network. In recent years, the fear in the theatre community has been that CBS would back out altogether as a broadcaster of the Tonys, which is typically a ratings loser but a huge PR opportunity for the Broadway theatre community. "The new format will allow flexibility to extend emotional moments that are inherent in great thank you speeches," said CBS through a spokesman. "All of the awards will be broadcast.  Nominated shows that have closed will not automatically be given a performance slot as has been done in the past."

Baker indicated that CBS would not imitate the style of the PBS produced hour, which often felt less like a glitzy award ceremony than a tastefully cultural documentary. "They will not be doing what we did," said Baker. "It will be very different."

Recent reports have mentioned that a "Tony Overhaul Committee" was in place to help address the problems of the Tony telecast and seek solutions.

The 57th Annual Tony Awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 8 at Radio City Music Hall.

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