CELEB PlayBlogger Hunter Foster: April 26

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger Hunter Foster: April 26
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We are happy to welcome guest celebrity blogger Hunter Foster, who was Tony-nominated for his performance in Little Shop of Horrors. Foster, who is currently playing Sam Phillips in the new musical Million Dollar Quartet, will blog for Playbill.com all week; his first entry follows:

Well, it was an early morning. The wife and I—Disney Princess, Jen Cody—are sleepy. That's right peeps. I sleep next to a damn Disney Princess! At 8 AM the clock went off with some Radiohead song from the I-pod. My first thought is Radiohead? Really?

We spent the prior evening at The Plaza for the opening-night party of Promises Promises. Congrats to all our friends in the show, by the way. Can anyone be funnier than Katie Finneran? Or as skilled a dancer as our good friend Megan Sikora? Wait! I got it! Tonight, I replace Radiohead with "It's Turkey Lurkey Time"!

Today is a cold wet rainy NYC, and I had to put on the same suit from the night before and head over to the Minskoff at 9:30 AM for Easter Bonnet rehearsal. Usually, at this time, my wife and Don Richard would be running their Officer Lockstock and Little Sally skit, and I would be on the couch cringing with every joke, thinking I am never going to work in this town again. But this year, I'm doing something a little more serious. The cast of Million Dollar Quartet is singing "Peace in the Valley" for those we have lost to AIDS. It's really a beautiful song and a really touching moment.

Afterwards, I had to run over to the Algonquin Hotel and announce the Outer Critics Circle nominations. I always wondered what the criteria is to be an "outer critic" as opposed to an "inner critic." Is exposing one's navel a part of the process? I wouldn't think so, but in this business, you never know. Someone said it's the critics outside of New York. But then I thought, is there a line of demarcation? Riverdale critics are in, but Westchester critics are out? Far Rockaway critics are in and Farmington, L.I., critics are out? Or maybe the "Outer Critics" are critics that have been exiled to the city's gates by the all the "inners" and told never to return, and so the "outers" have banded together and said, "We will not be denied, we will form our own awards. Damn you critics of New York!"

Come to find out these "Outer Critic" folk are really nice people, who were extremely kind and generous to me and my sister, Sutton. And, we had such a great time reading the nominations of all our friends and colleagues. And though I am sooo happy for all the nominated shows and performances—including our very own Levi Kreiss—I can't say I wasn't disappointed to see that Million Dollar Quartet wasn't on the list for Best Musical. I almost wanted to say it out loud with the other nominated shows and see if anyone noticed. But then, maybe I might get exiled to the gates, too!

I will say, even though we didn't get nominated, we are a hit show. And, it is nice to be in a show where people congratulate you on the street as opposed to when you get the lightly whispered, "How are things going over there?" or "You'll find an audience" or "I think your theatre is too big for Scottsboro Boys." Anyway, congrats to all the nominees. Now, I have to go and console Twyla.

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