CELEB PlayBlogger John Tartaglia: March 9

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger John Tartaglia: March 9
Last week Playbill.com launched Celeb PlayBlogger — a new feature that will run sporadically in PlayBlog — with celebrity blogger Tony winner Victoria Clark. This week we're happy to welcome guest celebrity blogger Tony Award nominee John Tartaglia, who is best known for his acclaimed performances in Avenue Q and Shrek the Musical. The Emmy-nominated performer is also the creator of Imaginocean, a new family musical adventure that will begin performances at New World Stages March 17. Tartaglia will blog all week; his second entry follows:

Day two!

Another amazing rehearsal day. Today was about incorporating all of the elements from the show — the puppets, the effects, the puppeteer's "blackout" outfits. It was a lot, and the cast, as always, handled it amazingly. What's been so much fun about this cast is getting a chance to reconnect with some amazing people I've been lucky enough to work with before, and meeting brand-new amazingly talented people. Stacey Weingarten (Bubbles) worked on "Johnny and the Sprites" and did the original workshop of the show. Lara Maclean (Leonard and Ripple) also worked with me on "Sprites" and in the workshops of Avenue Q. James Wotal (Tank) I knew from his work with the Muppets, and I was lucky enough to meet Ryan Dillon (Dorsel) at a puppet class I taught years ago. Getting to meet the amazing Carole D'Agostino (Baby Jellyfish), Nate Begle (Spirit of friendship), Jonathan Carlucci (Arrows and Jellyfish) and Brian Carson (our swing and puppet wrangler) has been such a gift. They are all so collaborative and full of excitement, and that's pouring onto the stage.

Excited to see what comes next!! A reminder to go to www.imaginoceanthemusical.com to check us all out! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to watch another fantastic run through!! See ya tomorrow!!

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