CELEB PlayBlogger Kevin Chamberlin: April 19

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger Kevin Chamberlin: April 19
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We are happy to welcome guest celebrity blogger Kevin Chamberlin, a two-time Tony nominee for his performances in Dirty Blonde and Seussical. Chamberlin, who is currently playing Uncle Fester in the new musical The Addams Family, will blog for Playbill.com all week; his first entry follows:

The Addams Family been quite a surreal, thrilling, challenging journey over that past two years. There have been so many milestones, so many steps along the way: from the presentation for backers, to the puppet and dance labs, moving my life back to NYC to start rehearsals for the Chicago out-of-town tryout, moving to Chicago for the winter (brrrrrrr, it was cold), our thrilling first preview at The Oriental Theater when we had no idea what the show was and whether it worked.

The audience went crazy that night, and continues to leap to a standing ovation - night after night. The cast, crew and creative staff have worked so hard to bring the show to where it is today. And, today marks another milestone in this journey - the recording of the cast album. Of course, I just woke up and the allergies are really bad this morning - so I'm a bit concerned about how my voice is going to hold up in a nine-hour recording session. Ironically, when we recorded Seussical, I had a horrible chest cold and had to go back and re-record many of my solo numbers ("Alone in the Universe" and "Solla Sollew"). The group numbers were more difficult to punch me in as they couldn't isolate me. To this day, I have a very difficult time listening to that album because I sound so sick in those numbers. We only have one day to get it right, so the pressure is high. I wish they could make the Original Cast Recording before we start rehearsals - when everyone has a fresh, rested voice. As it is, most cast albums are done on the day off after a grueling eight-show schedule. With most new musicals, the score isn't finished until days before opening night.

Well, I hope my voice holds up today. I'll let you know tomorrow how it went.

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