CELEB PlayBlogger Kevin Chamberlin: April 23

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger Kevin Chamberlin: April 23
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We are happy to welcome guest celebrity blogger Kevin Chamberlin, a two-time Tony nominee for his performances in Dirty Blonde and Seussical. Chamberlin, who is currently playing Uncle Fester in the new musical The Addams Family, will blog for Playbill.com all week; his latest entry follows:

It's quite humbling and gives me a lot of joy to walk out of a Broadway stage door, night after night, and shake hands and see the big smiles on the theatergoers, telling you how much they enjoyed the show. We've taken a couple nasty punches from the critics, apparently (I don't read them. Never will after the reviews for Seussical ruined a good week for me), and it's so lovely to hear people say that they were truly blown away by our production - especially the audience members who read the reviews and were coming in with low expectations. I'd rather exceed expectations than disappoint after being built up, like most critically lauded hits are. Nine times out of ten, I'll go see a show that the critics are raving about - and leave scratching my head. That's the wonderful thing about theater and art in general. It's all subjective. One man's poison.... I went out to dinner with a playwright friend of mine who said he never reads any articles about his projects anymore. To quote him - "The critics get paid to critique my work. I don't get paid anything to critique theirs." Another favorite quote of mine is Noel Coward who once said, "A review should ruin your breakfast, but never your lunch."

So every night, I'm at the stage door signing autographs, saying hello to fans, greeting the young kids who will be our new generation of theatergoers - making sure that they had a unique theatrical experience. I was standing at that stage door 30 years ago, waiting to get Sandy Duncan's autograph after Peter Pan. She didn't disappoint. And neither will I. It's part of my job - and yet, it's the easiest, most satisfying part.

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