CELEB PlayBlogger Victoria Clark: March 1

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger Victoria Clark: March 1
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This week Playbill.com launches Celeb PlayBlogger, a new feature that will run sporadically in PlayBlog. Our first guest celebrity blogger is Tony Award winner Victoria Clark, the dazzling singing actress who won her Tony for her performance in Lincoln Center Theater's production of The Light in the Piazza. Clark is back at LCT in Andrew Bovell's award-winning family drama When the Rain Stops Falling, which will officially open at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater March 8. Clark will blog all week; her first entry follows:

Okay, the first thing I have to do when typing the "Celebrity" Blog is make the font really big, because it has come to that, people. Especially at 7 AM. I will be reporting in every day this week from the white couch in my kitchen. Unless I am fired by Playbill.com or LCT. I believe in having a couch in the kitchen. Everyone ends up on the couch: guests, friends, pets. Me. It's just inevitable.

This is the week leading up to the official unveiling of the beautiful play, When the Rain Stops Falling, by Australian playwright Andrew Bovell at Lincoln Center Theater, directed by David Cromer. I am privileged to be a part of this production. We are a company of nine actors, an additional five terrific understudies, two crackerjack stage managers, one vegan production assistant, the best design team one could assemble (including our set designer, David Korins, who, for anyone who read the New York Times Magazine article about Cromer,  is much more than just our stylist and buddy), assistants to the director and designers who keep us all laughing, and a top-notch crew that has to move scenery on and off in the dark. I mean no light. At all. We all bump into each other quite a lot. So far, no serious injuries, just some adorable moves by Kate Blumberg as she negotiated the set. Can't really give away what needs to be negotiated. Seriously, I am a little confused by how much has to be a secret at this point. I guess, everything?!? I don't think it will be giving away too much to mention that we all have umbrellas, and we use them. There. See title of play. Not [title of show]. I loved that show, but it closed. See the title of our play. Then see our play.

My son is in the living room going over one of Tom's monologues from The Glass Menagerie that he has to present in English class tomorrow. This is the first time he has ever had to prepare anything like this for school. He is a freshman in high school, not La Guardia, and even though he has asked for formal singing lessons from his mother, he is determined not to be classified as anything even remotely resembling actor. Good for him, I say.

I just ran lines with him. I got to play Amanda. I am feeling very actor-y as I extract every remaining drop of grape jelly from the jar to put on his toast. He just got back from a two-week trip to Paris with his school. Life is much better with him around.

This "day off" will include some teaching, practicing, baking, and then singing in the Lincoln Center benefit tonight, featuring music by Irving Berlin. I am a happy person to be back at Lincoln Center. It feels like home. And the sun is out.

Turn the page in your calendar, people. Our March calendar has a photo of our Golden Retriever in sunglasses and a scarf. Never underestimate the life-changing boost of a hint of glamour.

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