Celia Cruz Musical Aims for Off-Broadway Debut

News   Celia Cruz Musical Aims for Off-Broadway Debut
A new musical based on the life of the late Grammy Award-winning singer Celia Cruz is gearing up for an Off-Broadway debut.
Artwork for Celia Cruz: The Musical
Artwork for Celia Cruz: The Musical

Celia Cruz: The Musical will kick off a national tour in New York in September before heading to such U.S. cities as Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Boston, Orlando, Houston, San Antonio, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. David Maldonado is producing the tour, which will be directed by Jaime Azpilicueta. The musical's writers are Candido Tirado and Carmen Rivera.

In a statement Henry Cardenas, who is the show's executive producer, said, "This musical is a tribute to one of the most remarkable Latin artists that ever lived. Celia's contributions went beyond just music. Her charisma, passion and tireless energy on and off the stage inspired artists and fans alike. Her story is extraordinary, and one that deserves to be told."

Celia Cruz: The Musical, according to press notes, "is the story of an artist's love for her country revealed through a musical life that spans for more than 60 years. Throughout her career, Cruz faces constant successes as well as challenges. As a young woman, she defies her father's opposition to become a singer and conspires with her mother to accomplish her dream. As her fame increases, so does the price of her success. She shares her victories and disillusions with the love of her life, Pedro Knight, and dreams of one day returning to her country. However, that dream is challenged when she is denied a visa to visit her dying mother, and then realizes that she may never again return to her beloved Cuba."

Celia Cruz, who was born in Havana, Cuba, in October 1924, died July 16, 2003, in Fort Lee, NJ. She was the recipient of seven Grammy Awards.

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