Cerveris Doppelgangers Promote "Fringe"

PlayBlog   Cerveris Doppelgangers Promote "Fringe"
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In addition to enjoying his Broadway opening night in Sarah Ruhl's In the Next Room, Tony Award-winning actor Michael Cerveris is also making a return appearance on the Fox science fiction series "Fringe" Nov. 19.

Cerveris plays "The Observer" in the series created by J.J. Abrams, who also delivered "Lost" to television audiences. Fox is promoting tonight's episode with publicity stunts across the U.S. – in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and New York – where men dressed to look like Cerveris (shaved head and all) have been seen walking the streets en masse. Fox has also placed Cerveris (or his look-alike) in the audience at NFL games, NASCAR races and "American Idol."

"Fringe" centers on a series of mysterious and unsettling occurrences across the world, known as "The Pattern." Abrams promises that viewers will learn more about Cerveris' character, "The Observer," in tonight's episode. Check out the promotional videos and photos here.

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