Check Out Broadway Photographer Jeremy Daniel’s 17 Favorite Production Photos

Photo Features   Check Out Broadway Photographer Jeremy Daniel’s 17 Favorite Production Photos
From Waitress to The Music Man, Daniel gives Playbill an inside look at some of his favorite shots.
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Charity Angél Dawson, Sara Bareilles, and Caitlin Houlahan in Waitress Jeremy Daniel

By nature, theatre is ephemeral. But with production photography, a show can last long after it has closed and reach audiences far beyond the auditorium. Especially with so many moments to capture, in a just a few images, theatre photography not only immortalizes the artistry behind a show, it helps to solidify the identity of an entire production for years to come. Playbill caught up with Broadway photographer Jeremy Daniel about why he loves creating production photography, his favorite memories behind his shots, and what he looks for in creating a great image.

"I started out on Broadway as a publicist. 'Started out' may be a little inaccurate, because I actually did it for more than 15 years. But in those years, one of my most favorite experiences on each new show was pouring through the production photos. Getting a fresh batch of 35mm slides or CD-ROMs (this was the early 2000s!) via bike messenger from Joan Marcus or Carol Rosegg was glorious! I couldn’t wait to see what they captured, and to get a first-hand, unfiltered look at their incredible work. That taught me so much. And it was such a great time, working with the team to choose the collection of photos that perfectly captured the essence of the show—the photos what would ultimately define the show in the public eye. That’s something I carry with me today."

"My approach as a production photographer is two-fold. Not only do I want to capture images that will compel ticket buyers and exhibit the incredible artistry of our community, but I also want images that will resonate with audience members, long after they’ve left the theatre."

Check out Daniel’s favorite photos as he reflects on his experience creating them!

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