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City Kid Is a Comer in Seattle Don't call City Kid the first child of Rent.

City Kid Is a Comer in Seattle Don't call City Kid the first child of Rent. But the new musical, which runs through Nov. 3 at Village Theatre in Issaquah, WA, near Seattle apparently has emerged from a similar musical sensibility -- a Generation X rock musical, in this case drawing some of its lifeblood from the Seattle rock scene.

Whatever its pedigree, City Kid, by Adrienne Anderson (book and lyrics), Rick Chudacoff and Peter Bunetta (music), is getting the kind of press attention that is making commercial producers sit up and take notice.

Here is a sampling:

Scott F. Brown, The Issaquah Press:
" . . . this coming-of-age story mixes urban pop music, sexy choreography and references to sex, drugs and violence into its tale of the strife of modern youth.
But if the universal angst of growing jup and finding a place in the world isn't a family issue, I dont't know what is, and City Kid< is the kind of specatable that can spark discussion in urban streets and suburban living rooms anywhere.
The story of City Kid is the saga of a group of kids struggling to force identities and find meaning in modern life. The setting could be almost any urban or semi-urban area. Staged as a continuous musical piece punctuated by solo and ensemble numbers and practially non-stop dancing, the show follows the kids throught their world, their own society independent of parents and school, but not free of tough decisions and consequences . . .
The Village Theatre has very clearly stated ambitions for City Kid and a national tour is a distinct possibility . . .
In Issaquah , we now have the rare chance to see a stage phenomenon in its infancy . . ."

Misha Berson, Seattle Times:
"If you think Broadway has room for only one hip rock opera aobut modern urgan youth, one named Rent, the makers of City Kid hope to prove you wrong.
A new coming-of-age m,usical that fuses melodic pop and rhythm and blues, with hip-hop and jazz dance . . . hyped here as 'a true West Side Story for the '90s,' the show also may be booked for national tour and , if all goes really well, it could get a shot at Broadway."

City Kid is the brainchild of Hollywood writer Adrienne Anderson. A successful pop lyricist, Anderson supplied words for many lucrative Barry Manilow tunes ('I Go to Rio,' 'Could It Be Magic?') and sh has also written songs for such notables as Isaac Hayes, Dionne Warwick and Melissa Manchester."

-- Compiled by Robert Viagas

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