Colorado Ballet and Musicians' Union Come to Agreement

Classic Arts News   Colorado Ballet and Musicians' Union Come to Agreement
The Denver Musicians' Association and the Colorado Ballet have come to an agreement that will allow live orchestral accompaniment to be provided for the company's first three productions in the upcoming season, reports the Rocky Mountain News.

The decision last season to eliminate live accompaniment for performances of Cinderella, according to the paper, led to an increased desire by both parties to ensure live music for future events.

The new season opens September 29 at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House and includes productions of Giselle, The Nutracker and Dracula. Pit orchestras of between 26-45 players (an increase from the previous 30-member ensembles) will accompany the dancers, according to the paper.

Players will also see their rehearsal and performance fees increased 3 percent to approximately $97, writes the Rocky Mountain News.

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