Conductor Charles Dutoit and A.B.T. Principal Dancer Latest Caught in Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Classic Arts News   Conductor Charles Dutoit and A.B.T. Principal Dancer Latest Caught in Sexual Misconduct Allegations
Five major organizations have cut ties with the veteran conductor, while a legal investigation has prompted A.B.T’s Marcelo Gomes’ resignation.
Marcelo Gomes and Charles Dutoit
Marcelo Gomes and Charles Dutoit

World-renowned conductor Charles Dutoit and American Ballet Theater principal dancer Marcelo Gomes are the latest high-profile individuals in the spotlight in an ever-growing network of sexual misconduct allegations sweeping the entertainment industry. According to recent reports from the Associated Press and The New York Times, multiple orchestras have cut ties with Dutoit, and Gomes has resigned from A.B.T.

There are currently four accounts of sexual assault against Swiss native Dutoit, who is artistic director and principal conductor of London’s Royal Philarmonic Orchestra. The allegations date between 1985 and 2010 across numerous cities in the U.S.

In response, five major organizations have cut ties, at least momentarily, with Dutoit, including London’s Royal Philharmonic. In a statement on the company website, RPO announced that in a joint agreement with Dutoit, the conductor would be released from his forthcoming concert obligations with the Orchestra. The statement went on to say that he would be given a fair legal process.

Their stance is echoed by The Boston Symphony Orchestra, where Dutoit has been a guest conductor since 1981, the San Francisco Symphony, and the Cleveland Orchestra, where Dutoit was set to lead concerts in February. The New York Philharmonic also told the AP that Dutoit has withdrawn from a series of concerts scheduled in January in the wake of the allegations.

According to the Times, Gomes, who has been with A.B.T. for 20 years, has resigned from the company following an accusation of sexual misconduct.

“A.B.T. was made aware of a highly concerning allegation of sexual misconduct by Mr. Gomes, occurring approximately eight years ago,” the chairman of the company’s board of trustees, Andrew F. Barth, told the Times. The company took immediate action by initiating a legal investigation, prompting Gomes’ resignation.

A spokesperson for Gomes told the publication that he would use the time to reflect and was grateful for the support of friends, family, and colleagues. There was no further comment.


The entertainment industry continues to face a strengthening wave of sexual misconduct allegations against men in positions of power, illuminating an issue that extends far beyond the realms of entertainment, and into media, politics, and society at large.

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