Copi's Woman Runs in Buenos Aires,thru April

News   Copi's Woman Runs in Buenos Aires,thru April
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Raul Natalio Damonte Taborda (widely known by his nickname Copi) is one of those authors that, having a world-wide reputation, does not have the deserved recognition in his own country. This great Argentine writer who self-exiled to Paris in 1962 and died ten years ago of AIDS, returns to his homeland with the stage version of the comedy which made him a celebrity: La Mujer Sentada (The Sitting Woman).

Director Alfredo Arias presented this version in 1984 at the Theatre de la Coline in Paris with great success. Arias himself is the partner of Marilu Marini, who portrays the main character, "a woman without moral and holder of a genial ignorance" according to Copi's own words.

The set, designed by Roberto Plate, plays an essential role in conveying the atmosphere of Copi's work, in which this woman talks for more than an hour with all kinds of animals and characters ranging from grotesque to absurd.

The Sitting Woman will run Wed to Sat 9:30 PM and Sun 8:30 PM during April at the Sala Casacuberta of Teatro General San Martin, 1530 Corrientes Ave. - Buenos Aires. Tickets: $8.; (Wednesday $4.) For reservations and information, please call +54 (1) 371-0111.-- By Sergio Carabetta
Argentina Correspondent

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