Cormac McCarthy's Sunset Limited Begins at Steppenwolf

News   Cormac McCarthy's Sunset Limited Begins at Steppenwolf
Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre Company has begun its staging of The Sunset Limited, a new play by Cormac McCarthy, the novelist.

McCarthy is the author of "All the Pretty Horses" and "No Country for Old Men," among other books.

The Sunset Limited, a two-hander, is "the tale of a man who saves another man's life on a New York City subway platform." The production began its run May 18 in the Garage Theatre and will remain there until June 25. Austin Pendleton directs as well as co-stars, along with Freeman Coffey.

Tickets to the production, set at $15, go on sale Dec. 23. Call (312) 335-1650.

In a striking break with its past record, Steppenwolf filled its 2005-06 line up with new plays, including works by Steven Dietz, Frank Galati, Richard Greenberg, John Kolvenback and Bruce Norris.

The lineup has included such new works as Steven Dietz's Last of the Boys; the Frank Galati adaptation of Haruki Murakami's after the quake; Richard Greenberg's The Well-Appointed Room; and John Kolvenbach's Love Song with Francis Guinan, Mariann Mayberry and Molly Regan (March 30-June 4, 2006).

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