Cosplay Like A Pro at BroadwayCon!

BroadwayCon   Cosplay Like A Pro at BroadwayCon!
Tips and tricks to master your con wardrobe.

It’s better than Halloween, because BroadwayCon is the place you can dress up as your favorite Broadway character and actually be appreciated for it. Follow our pointers and there’ll be no blue Mondays in your cosplay clothes.
BroadwayCon 2016 Matthew Blank

Have Fun!
Cosplay isn’t a requirement, it’s just about having a blast! If you do want to let out your inner Simba, don't be afraid to really commit. Razzle dazzle ‘em!

Cosplay as whoever you want.
You can come as different characters from different stories on different days of Con, or as different versions of the same character in three outfits over the three days. Or, no one will judge you if your rock the most amazing Mrs. Lovette costume all three days (just be sure to use some Febreeze). Consider the characters who may not look like you. The sky’s the limit!

Handmade is the way to go.
Try to make as much of your costume as you can. Broadway costumes can be hard to find in stores, and constructing the costume by hand will let you put in the extra special details necessary to stand out. Yes, you still have time!

Make your costumes as detailed as possible. Are you Elphaba at Shiz or in Act II? Or, you might want to throw in extra nods to the character, like adding comma-shaped earrings to your Angelica Schuyler outfit. The difference is in the details.
BroadwayCon 2016 Matthew Blank

Be respectful.
Bond with fellow cosplayers over their fantastic garb, but respect their boundaries. Ask before you touch anyone’s costume or take a picture. If other attendees approach you to ask for a photo, politely accept or decline. Everyone’s super excited about showing off their passion for Broadway.

Pack an emergency kit
You never know if a button will fall off or if your makeup will need retouching. Bring a small kit with sewing necessities and your makeup pallet so that you look awesome from morning until night.

Bring a business card
If you want people to be able to tag you in their social media photos, it’s best to bring a business card that includes your handle. If you don’t want to be tagged, that’s ok, too! Just tell them to hashtag the photo #awesome.

Don’t miss BroadwayCon’s “Curtain Up on Cosplay” panel at 10 AM January 28. In addition to expert advice, the participants for the cosplay fashion show will be chosen during this session. Later in the day, check out the panel on “Makeup Design” at 12 PM.

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