Cow Spotted in London Theatre

News   Cow Spotted in London Theatre

Bovine sculptures are appearing in central London - first one, now several outside the National Gallery, and, it is rumored, one in the lobby of the Duke of York's.

Theatregoers are greeted in an already cozy-sized foyer by a large cow: no, not a bad tempered usher but the real thing - or, rather, a statue of the real thing.

And the mystery deepens: The cow is being joined, gradually, by a picket fence and some grass. Edible grass, that is. Has Christmas come ridiculously early this year? Is the Crib Manufacturing Board having a major marketing push? Or are the producers of long-running comedy Stones In His Pockets trying to use the cow on their poster as a marketing tool? The plot thickens....

—By Paul Webb Theatrenow

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