Cumpsty in "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Wall Street 2"

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Taking a little break from the stage, Broadway's Michael Cumpsty has been raking in moola from the movies of late. After wrapping "Eat, Pray, Love," he went into "Wall Street 2."

The first is based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling memoir about how she healed her divorce wounds through travel. "It's in four pieces — New York, Rome, India and Bali," said Cumpsty. "I was in the India section, and I was there for three weeks, working with Julia Roberts, which was lovely." Roberts plays Gilbert and co-produced the picture with, among others, Brad Pitt. The director and co-adapter is Ryan Murphy, who's flying high these days with the hit television series, "Glee."

Cumpsty, of Copenhagen and 52nd Street, admitted that his role in Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" sequel didn't give him much to do — but "I sat for a week at Eli Wallach's shoulder and listened to all these stories. 'I was dancing with Marilyn Monroe,' and 'Charles Laughton taught me so much' — stuff like this. 'The night I slept with Clint Eastwood,' he would say — they shared a bed in a little pensione in Italy when they were filming 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' — so Anne [Wallach’s wife, Anne Jackson] said, 'You should say you're the only man who ever slept with Clint Eastwood.'"

— Harry Haun

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