Darren Criss Dishes on Upcoming "Glee" Episodes (Video)

PlayBlog   Darren Criss Dishes on Upcoming "Glee" Episodes (Video)
Darren Criss, who plays Blaine Anderson on Fox’s hit show "Glee," sat down with E! Online to discuss what will happen next for the students at both McKinley High and Dalton Academy.

In the last episode of "Glee," Kurt Hummel, played by Chris Colfer, left Dalton Academy and has returned to McKinley High, but what does this mean for his relationship with Blaine? Criss said that producer Ryan Murphy told the two of them that if and when Kurt got a boyfriend, it will be just as "flawed and delicate as any relationship in real life." Will the honeymoon phase soon be over?

Criss also discussed the upcoming episode where the students go to prom. Even though he admits it was a blast, news of the prom king and queen was recently leaked over the internet—Criss said he hopes they don't have to re-shoot!

To check out the interview, look below:

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