Debbie Does 42 Tracks; Cast Album Includes Karaoke and More

News   Debbie Does 42 Tracks; Cast Album Includes Karaoke and More
The upcoming Debbie Does Dallas original cast recording, due out Jan. 14, will feature a whopping 42 tracks plus two instrumental karaoke tracks and a special bonus track medley. The CD is being released by Sh-K-Boom Records.

"Welcome to the Debbie Does Dallas CD," a voice announces following a guitar blast. "Please be advised parental discretion is recommended" continues the voice over the sound of an orchestra tuning. The first track ends with the tap of a conductor's baton followed by the grandiose-styled overture interpolating many of the Off-Broadway staging's songs.

The very tongue-in-cheek album features the show's songs "Debbie Benton," "Small Town Girl," "Ten Dollars Closer Parts I, II and III," "The Dildo Rag," "I Wanna Do Debbie," "God Must Love a Fool," "We Broke Up," "Dallas...I'm Coming" and a Celine Dion-like "Where I Need To Go (Debbie's Theme)" — the latter not featured in the production.

The rest of the tracks include most of the show's dialogue which is interspersed with cheering, audio asides — in which the actors in character purposely mention their supposed location — and musical interludes. The CD also features two karaoke-style instrumental versions of "Small Town Girl" (a Debbie lament) and "I Wanna Do Debbie" (the monster ballad sung by Debbie's boyfriend Rick).

The album's executive producer Kurt Deutsch previously told Playbill On-Line "Because the show is not a traditional musical, the cast album of Debbie Does Dallas will not be a traditional cast album." He described the album as "somewhere between 'South Park' and the 'National Lampoon' comedy albums of the '70s." Sh-K-Boom president Deutsch (star Sherie René Scott's husband) executive produces with the show's composer Andrew Sherman.

Scott belts out most of the album's rock-infused songs — by Andrew Sherman, Erica Schmidt, Tom Kitt and Jonathan Callicutt — along with the help of her ensemble cast that includes Mary Catherine Garrison, Caitlin Miller, Tricia Paoluccio, Jama Williamson, Del Pentecost, Paul Fitzgerald and Jon Patrick Walker. The complete tracklist follows: "Welcome... Parental Advisory," "Overture," "Our Story Begins...," "Bring It," "A Letter From Heaven," "Debbie Benton," "At The Practice Field," "Lisa & Berta on the Street," "Jock Rock," "Rick & Deb," "Football Practice," "The Girls Get Jobs," "Small Town Girl," "Mr. Greenfelt's Store Part I," "Showering With Lisa & Berta," "The Locker Room Orgy," "Rick & Deb on the Street," "Miseré Me!," "Ten Dollars Closer Parts I, II and III," "Locker Room," "Wick Dippin'," "The Dildo Rag," "Washing Señor Bradley," "The Library," "The Banana Blow," "Spanking Biddle," "Outside the Library with Rick & Deb," "I Wanna Do Debbie," "Bang Bang," "The Break Up," "God Must Love a Fool," "We Broke Up," "The Tennis Court," "The Record Store," "The Cat Fight," "Tammy's Big O," "Greenfelt's Sports Store 7:00pm," "Dallas...I'm Coming," "Inside Debbie's Mind," "The End," "Finale," "Where I Need To Go (Debbie's Theme)," "Small Town Girl (Karaoke)," "I Wanna Do Debbie (Karaoke)," "The Orgasm Medley."

Debbie Does Dallas opened at the Jane Street Theatre, Oct. 29. The production, which started performances Oct. 8, takes its story from the popular porn film with the same name. For more information, visit

The Debbie Does Dallas original cast recording can currently be pre-ordered through Sh-K-Boom Records' website at

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