Disillusioned, Life Swap and Shakespeare Saturdays Songs Part of MITF Short Works Division

News   Disillusioned, Life Swap and Shakespeare Saturdays Songs Part of MITF Short Works Division
The Midtown International Theatre Festival has announced the 20 works that comprise the new Short Subjects division, which gets underway July 14.

Produced by John Chatterton, the Short Subjects division features new works running under 60 minutes.

The 10th annual Midtown International Theatre Festival runs through Aug. 2 at the Abingdon Arts Complex and the Where Eagles Dare Studio.

The inaugural Short Subjects works follow:

Bible Stories
By Cedric L. Jones
"Some things are open for interpretation." (July 25-28)

Climbing the Ladder
By Chuck Orsland
"Two plays about ambition in tough times." (July 16-21) Cock Tales
Book and lyrics by Tjasa Ferme, composed by Greg Adair
Directed by Carlos D. Gonzalez
"A juicy cocktail of bed time stories." (July 25-29)

Cracking the Code
By Eren T. Gibson and Jon Freda
"A send-up comedy of film noir murder mysteries where two actors play eleven off the wall characters." (July 30-Aug. 2)

By Susan Hodara
Directed by Noel Neeb
"What you see isn't always what you get... The art is in the illusion." (July 22-26)

Dogs Lie
By Ronnie Cohen and Jane Beale
"What's a relationship without trust?" (July 27-Aug. 2)

The Hanged Man
By Elisa Abatsis
"The point where youth ends, you choose it. You choose it because if you don't, you'll fall off the face of the earth." (July 18-25)

Hardware Dreams
By Sunilda Caraballo
"Unconventional childhood experiences can become the heartbeat that will carry you through your life as an adult." (July 15-26)

Produced by Susan H. Pak
"Two alleged best friends forever find love and hatred through an internet pick up artist." (July 14-19)

Hello Tomorrow
The Real Thing by Mary Sheridan
"A search for one woman's most favorite things: the big city, the right relationship and the opportunity to perform plus an examination of the different experiences and expectations that a small middle American community foster versus the colorful life in the big city."

Run Fast the Fire by Ellen Lindsay
"November 1978. Jonestown. The jungles of South America. Over 900 Americans dead. One United States Congressman assassinated. One woman who survived will talk about it for the first time tonight. This show is her story." (July 16-21)

Iris and Dawn
Iris by Jen Yip
"Iris Chang was a historian, writer, human rights activist, wife and mother who died in November 2004 at age 36. Author of the 'Rape of Nanking' -- Iris offers a look at the personal struggles of this ambitious Chinese American woman."
Dawn by Ralph Diaz
"Four desperate delinquents facing the reality of hard prison time for their roll in the suspicious death of a wealthy woman, isolate themselves in a dark basement to determine who will take the fall. The means - a deadly card game - the outcome...death." (July 18-22)

Keeping It In Retrospect
By Zoe Rosario
"A teenager on the life of a teenager." (July 22-24)

Life Swap
By Alexis Fedor and Adelaide Mestre
"From Poland Ohio to New York City: Sex, Debate Team and Rock N' Roll (well actually, Opera)." (July 31-Aug. 2)

By Steven Berkoff
Directed by Alan Kinsella
"Can you fall in love over lunch on a park bench?" (July 17-19)

My Broken Brain
By Michael Hirstreet
"Growing up can be confusing, especially when your brain explodes." (July 17-19)

Parental Guidance
Up A River/Down the Aisle by Jake Lipman
"When her colorful mother dies suddenly, a girl named Jake must navigate through the rites of passage of mourning and marriage, without her mother's guidance." (July 28-Aug. 1)

The Play Plays
By Jonathan Wallace, Meri Wallace, Duncan Pflaster
Directed by Jonathan Wallace, Meri Wallace and Elisa Abatsis
"A darkly comic look at the experience of doing theatre." (July 31-Aug. 2)

Shakespeare Saturdays Songs in Concert
Lyrics/Text by William Shakespeare and Donna Stearns
Composed and directed by Donna Stearns
"Come hear the songs from Shakespeare's plays!" (July 29-Aug. 2)

Too Much, Too Far, Too Soon
By Rick Leidenfrost-Wilson
"Life must be so much easier for normal people." (July 19-26)

Unanswered Questions ... About My Mother
Not My Mother by Robin Amos Kahn
"This is a solo show about care-giving, crazy families, 9/11, marriage, parenting, life, death and flamenco music. My mother has survived two extended hospice stays and after having driven everyone in her life crazy, she refuses to die."
The Unanswered Questions by Shuga Henry
"Two weeks after the Inauguration of the 44th president, six unsuspecting people embark on a trip that forces them to confront they're own prejudices. A doctor, two teachers, a salesman and a sanitation worker, the unlikely of suspects share an interesting relationship. Together they encounter a short outing that leaves a life long impression." (July 30-Aug. 2)

Theatres hosting the festival include the June Havoc, Dorothy Strelsin, MainStage and Jewel Box Theatres at the Abingon Arts Complex (312 W. 36th Street), as well as Where Eagles Dare Studio Blackbird (347 W. 36th Street).

For tickets further information visit MidtownFestival.

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