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Sometimes in life, two is better than one. For instance, two dollars is better than one dollar. Two Oreos is better than one Oreo.  And, if their pending debut at New York’s famed Feinstein’s at the Loews Regency on Monday Night is any indication, two Nunziatas is better than one.

I first heard Will and Anthony Nunziata sing at a karaoke bar of all places. We were just messing around at a friend’s birthday party and while I was busy butchering a Funny Girl medley, these two got up and silenced a very crowded room with their booming voices that came seemingly out of nowhere!

So when I heard these guys were gearing up for a big night at Feinstein's, I thought I'd get the skinny on the show and share it all with you!  Here's what I found out...


Anthony Nunziata, Alan Menken, Will Nunziata Anthony (left) and Will (right) pictured with the legendary Alan Menken. Last Sunday, the pair sang the Menken/Jack Feldman tune SEIZE THE DAY at a benefit concert for Premier Performing Arts.  












How and when did you first hear that you'd be performing at Feinstein's?
Will: Feinstein’s John Iachetti saw us perform and thought we’d be a good match for the room and their Monday Night Series.

Anthony: He also told Richard [Jay-Alexander, the show’s director] about us and Richard had also heard about us from our entertainment lawyer, Mark Sendroff, and a meeting was arranged. The rest, as they say, is history, or, if “luck” is on our side, will be.

Tell us a little about the show---what can we expect to see from you two?
Anthony: Well, that’s an interesting question and probably won’t be answered until we walk onto the stage on Monday night. Things change daily, but, most importantly, we’re trying to enjoy the work and the process of rehearsing without focusing on achieving an end result in rehearsal.

Will: It’s a bit of a “freak out”, but no matter how much we rehearse or prepare, nothing can ever deliver the “wild card” of a live room and its inhabitants, the audience.

Anthony: With Richard directing and our musical director Ben Toth, who has come from LA to work with us, we feel we are working with the best. It’s a blessing and we feel excited and ready. It’s just been great. We know we can talk, we know we can sing, we know we can walk—what could possibly go wrong?! (They both laugh).

How did you start performing together? Was it an automatic thing from when you were little or did you realize later in life that together you guys could do great things?
Will: I started as early as 3 or 4 … and dragged Anthony along, reluctantly.

Anthony: Now, I go along willingly.

Will: We both went to Boston College, a liberal arts school, and studied Journalism, Communications, Theatre and Music, but it wasn’t until we were asked by our Chorale Director, John Finney, and our school’s President, Father William Leahy, to sing a song as soloists, with the Boston Pops Symphony at Boston College, under the baton of Keith Lockhart, that we thought we might actually do this for a living.

Anthony: Also, needless to say, the “twins” thing seemed to fascinate people and, at Feinstein’s, we hope to not only entertain, but “de-mystify” that “twin” thing that can be fantastic …. but also, irksome. (They both laugh)

What’s Next?
Anthony: Gee, who knows. We thought you might be able to answer that question. (They both laugh).

Will: But, for the immediate… if we make it through the first performance on Monday alive, we’ll be back for more on October 5th.

Anthony: Please check back frequently. (They laugh).

To catch the twins in action at Feinstein's call 212-339-4095 or click here

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