Drumstruck Strikes at Dodger Stages May 12

News   Drumstruck Strikes at Dodger Stages May 12
David Warren will direct a New York production of Drumstruck, an "interactive" South African musical, at Off-Broadway's Dodger Stages beginning May 12, it was announced.

Playbill.com first announced the coming of Drumstruck in March. "I leave for Johannesburg soon to meet with the cast and do my drum research," said Warren at the time. An opening night is yet to be announced. Drumstruck has played engagements across the world. According to the website www.drumstruck.com, "each and every member of the audience is given a small African drum upon entering the auditorium. A drum that will echo with rhythm and life as the show gets underway. [Drumstruck is] a show that is not merely the province of a small elite of actors, dancers, and performers. [It is] a show that grows and changes organically with every performance. A show that belongs to the audience, as much as it does to the man on stage. When you go to a show with the Drumcafe on the stage, you don't just sit and watch; you sweat, you laugh, you cheer, you applaud, you whoop, you holler, you dance ... and most of all, you drum."

Warren has a long list of play credits behind him, including several works by Nicky Silver and Richard Greenberg, and the Broadway plays Holiday and Summer and Smoke. His production of Barry Manilow's Harmony very nearly reached Broadway before plans were scrapped due to a fallout in the budget. (He remains attached to the project.) Recently, he was brought in unofficially to assist in the staging of Broadway's Good Vibrations.

Drumstruck is produced off-Broadway by Drum Café, Dodger Theatricals, and Visual Spirit in association with Globility Inc.

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