Duluth-Superior Symphony to Renovate Hall

Classic Arts News   Duluth-Superior Symphony to Renovate Hall
The Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra (DSSO) will soon begin renovations to improve the acoustics in the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center auditorium — and has raised more than half of the $1.1 million needed to do so, reports the Associated Press.

Rebecca Peterson, a cellist with the DSSO for about 14 years, told the AP that the auditorium's acoustic shell — made of ¾inch plywood and more than 40 years old — inadequately reflects sound back onto the stage and into the audience.

The renovation will be done by acoustics consultancy Kirkegaard Associates. President and principal acoustician Larry Kirkegaard advised the DSSO to replace the shell with one constructed from two layers of medium-density fiberboard with approximately half a foot of a rigid honeycomb material in between, which Kirkegaard told the AP "should reflect a broader spectrum of sound.'"

The upgrades might be finished as early as September.

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