EATfest to Include Old Flame, Tranquil and Sharing the Pie

News   EATfest to Include Old Flame, Tranquil and Sharing the Pie
Emerging Artists Theatre has announced the selection of one-act plays that will comprise the 2008 Fall EATfest at the Roy Arias Theatre Center.

Running Nov. 4-16, EATfest will feature 13 new works presented on a rotating schedule over the course of two weeks.

Plays in the 2008 Fall EATfest Series A follow:

  • The Sky is Falling
    By Patrick Gabridge. Amy Leland Hemphill directs cast members Amy Bizjak, Debra Lass, Erin Tito and Susan Wallack in the "endearing comedy about family searching for meaning in the universe."
  • Stripping Eden
    By Wayne Paul Mattingly. Danielle Quisenberry directs Eilis Cahill and Chris Henry in the "poignant portrait of a boy and girl left alone."


  • Next
    By Staci Swedeen. Janelle Lannan will direct Andrea Alton, Joseph Callari, Jerry Alan Cole and Alexandra Zabriskie in the play that centers on "a hilarious wait on the shipping line, with packing tape, chewing gum and a statue of questionable origin."
  • Jack Goes Up, Jack Goes Down
    By Ted LoRusso. Jen Morris and Scott Raker appear under the direction of Troy Miller in this "incisive look at corporate culture and the battle of the sexes."
  • Sharing the Pie
    By Kathleen Warnock. Peter Bloch directs Sara Hatfield and Russell Jordan in "a bittersweet, contemporary tale of family, friends and unrequited love."
  • Hi Speed Disconnect
    By Chris Widney. Aimee Howard stages the "laugh out loud tale of cell phones, blind dates and foreign languages," which features Sarah Miriam Aziz and Dan Barnhill. Series B includes:

  • Furious
    By Eric Appleton. Marc Castle directs Bill Farley and Jamie Heinlein in "a touching and comic tale of a daughter's desire for her father's affection."
  • Hot Line
    By Lia Romeo. Bryan Kaplan, Irene Longshore and Matt Stapleton appear under the direction of Ned Thorne in the work that cautions, "You never quite know who you might get on the other end of the phone."
  • Tranquil
    By Andrew Rosendorf. Dan Dinero directs Enid Cortés and Jason Hare as "a brother and sister [who] delve into an intimate discussion about her attraction to a bedpost."
  • We Appear to Have Company
    By Greg Freier. John Hurley directs Ed Schultz, Blanche Cholet and Kevin Brofsky in the play where "a British approach to a silent intruder has international repercussions."
  • Negotiating a Mindfield
    By John A. Donnelly. Rasa Allan Kazlas directs the "challenging exploration of mind, memory and poetry," which features Jane Altman, Shannon Marie Kerr and Jacqueline Sydney.
  • Weimar Hole
    By Sara Jeanne Asselin. Jonathan Warman directs a cast including Deb Armelino, Moe Bertran, J. Stephen Brantley, Vinnie Costa, Maya Rosewood and Matthew Shawlin in the work where "two American performance artists find an enthusiastic crowd awaits them in a foreign country." Series C includes:

  • Old Flame
    By Richard Ploetz. Ian Streicher directs Ron Bopst, Jerry Matz, Vivian Meisner and Jess Philips in the moving drama where "a lifetime of regrets leads a man to seek the love of his youth." Designing the festival productions are Tim McMath (scenic design), Tamora Wilson (lighting design), Amy Elizabeth Bravo (costume design) and Aldo Perez (sound design).

    Scheduling for EATfest follows: Series A (Tuesday-Wednesday at 7 PM, Saturday at 7:30 PM and Sunday at 4:30 PM), Series B (Thursday-Friday at 7 PM, Saturday at 4:30 PM and Sunday at 7:30 PM), and Series C (Saturday-Sunday at 1 PM and Monday at 7 PM).

    Tickets, priced $18, are available by phoning (866) 811-4111 or by visiting EATheatre. The Roy Arias Theatre Center is located at 300 West 43rd Street in Manhattan.

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