Edmonton Symphony in Legal Battle Over Bequest

Classic Arts News   Edmonton Symphony in Legal Battle Over Bequest
The Edmonton Symphony is at loggerheads with the son of Edmonton philanthropist Stuart Davis over how his father's will should be distributed, reports the Edmonton Journal.

Davis's aversion to lawyers and accountants led him to handwrite his own will. That will, and the penciled additions, are now at the center of a battle between Ronald Davis, his only son, and the orchestra.

The younger Davis and the orchestra both believe they are entitled to the estate residue, the money remaining after all other bequests and expenses have been paid, which is expected to total about C$1 million. The original will dictated that Ronald Davis should receive an anuity of C$5,000 per month. However that annuity was apparently crossed out with pencil stroke and the residue funds redirected to the Edmonton Syphony.

Other beneficiaries included the University of Alberta, the University Hospital and the Winspear Concert Hall. The will and Stuart Davis's additions will be sent to a forensic handwriting expert to assess their validity.

Stuart Davis made his fortune by investing in Nortel and was a noted arts philanthropist.

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