Equity Reaches Decision on Patrick Stewart Case

News   Equity Reaches Decision on Patrick Stewart Case
Go on home, folks. Show's over.

Go on home, folks. Show's over.

Actor Patrick Stewart has been chastised by Actors' Equity, according to the New York Times. The result of the Equity peer review panel held on May 11 -- convened to address Stewart's public speeches attacking the Shubert Organization for what he perceived as insufficient marketing support of The Ride Down Mt. Morgan -- is that Stewart must apologize to the producers.

Stewart had the option of appealing the decision, but let the ten-day appeals window pass without taking action.


As reported earlier, Stewart and the Shubert Organization spent about three hours before the Equity review panel. The union keeps a tight lid on the procedure and no information is released to the public. However, interest in the story has been strong both within the theatre community and with the general public. Shubert's Gerald Schoenfeld complained to Equity after Stewart criticized the show's producers from the Ambassador stage for not marketing or promoting Arthur Miller's The Ride Down Mt. Morgan adequately.

The New York Post has indicated that Schoenfeld sought a public apology from Stewart, to be announced from the stage much like the actor's original critical statements were made.

-- By Murdoch McBride

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