Eric Bogosian Plays Collected in "Humpty Dumpty" Volume

News   Eric Bogosian Plays Collected in "Humpty Dumpty" Volume
Eric Bogosian's three most recent plays have been collected in the new TCG volume "Humpty Dumpty."
Eric Bogosian
Eric Bogosian Photo by Aubrey Reuben

Along with the title drama, which premiered at the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ, the compendium includes Red Angel and Griller. Griller has been seen at Center Stage and the Goodman Theater. Red Angel was performed at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, with Bogosian in the cast.

None of the three has received New York premieres. Bogosian notes this fact in his preface, and laments it. "I present them here not so much as complete works, rather as blueprints for inspection and possible production," he writes. "Who knows? They may even get mounted in a theater where my peers in New York (my tribe) can come see them some day."

He also points out that he wants the plays done in New York for another reason: "Audiences with nothing at stake want plays with nothing at stake. Audiences at risk demand plays about risk. Good theater reflects the priorities of the community. My tribe knows what it wants and being judged by the needs of another group is, as far as I'm concerned, pointless."

The book is priced at $15.95.

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