Erica Vlahinos Returns to Laurie Beechman With Power Over Potus

Cabaret & Concert News   Erica Vlahinos Returns to Laurie Beechman With Power Over Potus
The Palin Live writer and performer is back in the downstairs theatre with a new gossip-fueled political comedy.
Erica Vlahinos in Power Over POTUS
Erica Vlahinos in Power Over POTUS

Writer and performer Erica Vlahinos is back in the Laurie Beechman Theatre with a brand-new political comedy titled Power Over Potus: The Women Who #%!@ Presidents. Vlahinos returns to the space following the success of her earlier musical solo piece, Palin Live.

Performances began September 7, and following an extension announcement, will continue October 5 and October 17.

Power Over Potus intends to shine new and positive light on the women who have been shamed over their relationships with the former Presidents of the United States.

“All of the shows that I work on come from a place of taking a satirical look at society and the way we treat women, as well as the furor with which we hate women,” explains Vlahinos. “I was fascinated by that cultural happenstance.”

“People listen most when laughing,” she continues. “I see this as a chance to speak to this and illuminate it.”

In Power Over Potus, a certain former intern is invited back to the White House after 20 years. “As she ponders pounding an orange POTUS, she seeks guidance from the spirits of the women who stood (and laid) in her shoes,” read production notes. The show is directed by Ben Cameron with music direction by Nick Wilders.

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